Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Shropshire, England

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Looking for hotels in Telford or Ironbridge?

Have you considered staying in high quality Bed and Breakfast accommodation instead?

Advantages of staying in a B&B rather than a hotel:

  • Personalised Service – a great benefit of staying at a B&B is that the service is often more personalised than in a hotel. Hotels can often be impersonal places where employees are just doing their job without much concern for the comfort and well being of the guest. With fewer guests staying at a B&B, it means the level of service you receive will be more attentive, personalised and friendlier. At some of the chain hotels, sometimes you rarely get to see any employees and the service is very perfunctory.


  • Staying at a B&B as old as ours means that there is a historical and cultural aspect to your visit, whilst still having all the benefits of modernity. Being set in the countryside also means that you are getting away from the 'madding crowd'. In an increasingly frenzied world, it's good to enjoy the quietude of the countryside. Hear the birds sing, the cockerels crow, the cows mooing and the dogs barking; thinking about it, it can get quite noisy in the country! But what a lovely noise! The natural sounds of nature.


  • Small scale – no fight for parking and long distances from your car to the hotel room. At our B&B just park up in our ample parking yard and you'll be in your room having walked but a few metres. And it's all very relaxed, no formal checking in procedure


  • Home cooking – no frozen ready meals here! All meals are cooked on the premises, all real ingredients and most of it locally sourced. And all your dietry requirements fully taken into account.

  • Flexibility – we can discuss all your preferences and needs and we'll meet them as best we can. At most regular hotels everyone gets treated the same and they have their systems which are largely inflexible.

  • And some things that hotels just can't do due to ecomomies of scale, unless you pay a small fortune (you can have anything if you pay a small fortune). In which hotel did you last see a vase of fresh flowers in your room, picked from the garden?

  • At the B&B Association's Summit in London TripAdvisor revealed that in 2017 the average TripAdvisor review rating on UK B&Bs was 89% compared to 81% on UK hotels. As the saying goes, 'Small is Beautiful'.

We are a stone's throw from Ironbridge and Telford (in a car), so why not try a Bed and Breakfast for a change? We promise that the bed will be incredibly comfortable and the breakfast amazing!

If you have any questions about the bedrooms or facilities at Church Farm in Shropshire, please do not hesitate to contact us

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We are just 10 minutes from the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site.